dog makes different faces for people

Did you know that dogs can change faces when they know you are looking at them? It could be a try at communicating with you!



During the study, it was observed that when a dog looked into a human’s eyes they would lift their inner eyebrows which made their eyes look bigger and more innocent. This face is also known as a “sad puppy dog face.”


This interesting trait adds to researchers level of understanding of canines. Dogs have been human’s best friend for a very long time. Probably some 30,000 years give or take that dogs have lived next to us as companions.


Dogs are always monitoring people according to research. They watch how we move, the gestures we make and look at our faces. Domesticated dogs do this more than even wolf puppies that have been raised by hand by people.


“Dogs read human gestures and communicative signals in ways other animals can’t,” investigator Juliane Kaminski, a psychologist at the U.K.’s University of Portsmouth stated.

Sad puppy

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Attribution:Michael Greshko


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