Dogs treat us as their family. They reciprocate the kind of love and appreciation we give them. Plus, they do not hesitate to show and express their love for us.

They say, one would not feel the importance of a person the moment they are gone or if they are set apart for a certain period. Today, our featured dog proves the truthfulness of this belief, and this story will surely melt our hearts away.

Watch the video below.


In the video, you will see how excited the dog was the moment he saw his owner walk towards the front yard. He nudged the front door and jumped out from the entrance to give his owner a big hug.

When the owner understood what is about to happen, he waited for the dog and prepared for the big furry ball that is about to come his way. The dog trusts his owner so much. So when he flew towards him, he knew that his owner would catch him.

Our thoughts

Going home is a lot more exciting especially when you know that someone wants to see you badly. When you witness the excitement of your dog to see you speak a lot about you as its owner, it only means that the dog appreciate your presence in its life and the absence of it makes a difference.

With this, you will know that you did an excellent job of raising and taking care of your dog or your other pets. Thus, make sure that you spend time with your dogs and let them know that you also love spending time with them. Through this straightforward way, our dogs would feel that we value them, and we appreciate the love and attention they give us which will make the relationship even better.

Source: Instagram via @hdbrosriley



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