Betsy Reyes called out her dog, Princess, on Facebook for scheming to get free hamburgers from people at a McDonald’s outlet in their neighborhood.

According to her, Princess sneaks out of their house at night to go to McDonald’s and sit out front. One night, Reyes figured out what Princess is up to on her night outs.

She caught her dog in the act as she pretends to be a stray to be able to get free food from the unsuspecting McDonalds’s customers. She definitely knows how to work her cute puppy face to get her way.


Reyes asked people to stop feeding Princess’ fat butt because she does not know how to behave appropriately. She also playfully called her dog a gold digger because of her acting as a stray to get free burgers.

She also posted clips of the actual entrapment operation that she did the night she caught her dog. The clip shows Princess as she sits beside a car with a person inside waiting to be fed.

You can see Princess as she excitedly wags her tail in anticipation. Soon enough, the person threw food her way which she gladly gobbled up.

After catching her dog in action while doing her scheming, she pulled up, and Princess instantly recognized her. Now, Princess is wagging her tail for a different reason. It’s either she is happy to see her owner, or she’s embarrassed that she’s caught.

The posts and the videos went viral, and a lot of people found Princess and her scheme adorable. Reyes must have been intrigued why her dog disappears at night and is gaining weight.

Hopefully, Princess will lie low on the burgers and fries because we all know that too much of that is bad for our health.

Credits to Betsy Reyes on Facebook



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