Complaining neighbors are no fun for you or your dog. It can be so frustrating to be a dog owner that has a loud barking dog for no reason. Are you over your head and stuck with a loud, barking dog? Don’t fear we have your tips to get a quiet dog, keep reading. We even have a pdf download (printable) with all 10 of our top tips.

  1. Don’t lose your temper. Your dog can pick up on your emotions. The more upset and agitated you get the more your dog might lose it. It is important to stay calm and not yell. Be a role model for the quiet behavior you want your dog to have.
  2. Find the why. Look for triggers that cause your pup to bark. Is there a specific time, person, pet or other triggers that has caught your dog’s attention?
  3. A tired dog is a good dog. Make sure your dog gets plenty of fresh air and exercise every day. A bored dog is more likely to bark excessively.
  4. Stop the behavior. Once you notice what is causing your dog to bark, tell your dog in a firm voice “no.” Move them or hide the distraction.
  5. Teach commands. You can practice with your dog with either verbal or hand commands. Start when your dog is barking and say a command like “bark” or show your dog a hand signal. Once your dog stops give him praise or a treat. Give your dog another treat when giving the quiet/silent command.

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