If there’s one thing that inspiring animal stories teach us the most, it’s not giving up too early. There are countless puppy survivors out there who had managed to bounce back because their owner refused to give up. Here is one of those stories. Let’s meet Guinness the pit bull.

A dog was surrendered to an animal shelter three days before giving birth. That’s when little Guinness came to the world. Jess Vorberg, his current owner, noticed that there was something different about him. Guinness was half the size of the other puppies. Jess recalls taking pictures of Guinness where he looks like a tiny alien baby.

They also noticed that Guinness’ health was declining. He had difficulty breathing and was making odd movements with his mouth. Jess feared that the puppy wouldn’t live for long.


It came to a point where the puppy stopped breathing. Jess had to perform CPR. It worked, and Guinness was fighting for life.

Jess informed her boss about what happened and asked if she could take care of Guinness and fight with him. Jess made sure to prepare and get the little puppy everything he needed.

When Guinness first drank milk, it was magical. He drank like there’s no tomorrow. Jess expresses how happy she is about the decision she made. She ended up adopting Guinness’ sister as well. Jess noticed the two puppies had the same struggle although the sister is twice the size of Guinness.

They noticed how Guinness struggles to walk. At first, he relied on his front legs dragging his back legs. From time to time, Jess trained Guinness’ back legs by positioning him upright with care.

As Guinness grew up, it became clearer and more apparent to Emily how she wouldn’t let go of her dog. She found what she likes to call her “soul dog.” After several months Guinness has become a wonderful and energetic pit bull.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.



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