Dogs make excellent pets and companions. But there are specially trained dogs that can help humans live a better and healthier lifestyle despite their disabilities and medical conditions. For Emily, a teen with diabetes type 1, having a service dog would be the ultimate gift!

The struggle with diabetes

Emily Setterstrom is a 16-year-old girl who has lived with diabetes since she was in kindergarten. Her mom, Jennifer, worries about Emily a lot because she already lost her brother to diabetes.


Jennifer and Emily guested on Good Morning America to talk about diabetes. Emily’s condition has made life quite a struggle. A sudden spike in her sugar levels can be fatally dangerous for her. Emily always needs her insulin pump handy for emergencies. If she happens to forget her insulin, she knows anything could happen to her, so Emily always tries to be responsible. Still, Jennifer can’t help but worry, especially now that Emily is about to go to college.

Emily receives the best gift

What they didn’t know was that 4E Kennels, an organization that breeds and trains service dogs for people with medical conditions, was also there to give Emily the ultimate gift: a diabetic alert dog. The puppy will be trained for a year to detect Emily’s blood sugar level and alert her whenever it becomes too low or too high for her.

The moment Emily and Jennifer saw the cute adorable dog, tears welled in their eyes. 4E Kennels explained how the dog would help Emily deal with diabetes so that she could live a normal and healthy life. Even better, they are giving the puppy to Emily as a gift. Knowing that diabetic alert dogs are costly, the puppy comes as a beautiful and heartwarming surprise.

When the puppy finishes his training, he will come to live with Emily. Jennifer is so happy knowing that her daughter will have someone to depend on. Emily can go off to college on her own and still manage her diabetes with the help of her new furry best friend. Watch the epic reactions in the video below.

Thanks to Good Morning America



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