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Dogs are always fun to have. Their cuteness can brighten up a gloomy day, and their undying love proves just how loyal they are to their human parents. If you want a playmate who will never get tired of spending some quality time with you, dogs are your perfect match.

While dogs are known to be good at playing catch, there’s one service dog who recently captured everyone’s heart. She did more than just catching things in her mouth. She was also skilled at playing Jenga, a classic game that involved wooden blocks. Secret, a smart Australian Shepherd, is a service dog to a young woman named Mary.

Mary taught Jenga to Secret, and when she finally got the hang of it, both of them played this balancing game. As seen in the video, you could tell how happy Secret was in playing the game of precision. At first, Mary expected Secret to nibble the wooden pieces. She couldn’t believe how good the service dog was at Jenga.


It took a little while for Secret to make a move because she made sure that she carefully picked the block in her mouth. She knew that patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to Jenga. She stayed in the game as her wooden tower never tumbled when it was her turn to move the blocks. Secret’s primary task as a service dog, is to assist Mary with her autism.

Secret accompanied Mary to community college classes. For years Secret has been helping Mary, and they had already become inseparable best friends. Without a doubt, Secret has a natural talent for playing Jenga.

Aside from playing Jenga, Secret is also a skilled painter. Mary noted on her social media account that Secret is good at everything. Her canine capabilities proved that she’s a multi-talented service dog.

Watch how cute Secret is while playing Jenga:

Video Source: Lyn Figura via Youtube



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