Meatloaf was roaming alone in the streets of Florida when he got hit by a car. The driver quickly called animal control to ask for help. Rescue Animals In Need (RAIN) took Meatloaf and checked his condition. Soon, they realized that the poor dog didn’t only suffer from a car accident. He’s had a traumatic life too.

The dog’s skin was covered with mange and infection. He was underweight and was horrified of everything too. His injuries imply that he must have been a dogfighting bait dog in the past.


RAIN has taken in another medical emergency case. This is Meatloaf. Meatloaf was hit by a car and brought into a…

Posted by RAIN- Rescue Animals in Need on Tuesday, February 20, 2018



Despite that, Meatloaf showed signs of friendliness. He kept wagging his tail as if he was delighted that he was finally safe. He was trying his best to overcome his anxiety.

The shelter placed Meatloaf in a foster home while he was healing. Later on, they started looking for his forever home too. Despite meeting a few prospective adopters, Meatloaf’s foster mom felt that none of them was quite right for him. He’s gone through so much that his foster mom knows he needs to find a family where Meatloaf would thrive.

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His mom was worried that she might not find a family that she’d feel comfortable handing Meatloaf over to. Then, his foster mom met Brittney Strugala. Brittney was searching for a dog for her friend when she saw Meatloaf’s picture. Suddenly, she felt a strong need to adopt him.

Brittney and her fiancé had been thinking of getting a friend for Sky, their pit bull. Brittney knew that Meatloaf is that perfect friend. However, they weren’t allowed to have another dog in their apartment. So, the couple decided to move.

Posted by Brittney Strugala on Saturday, September 29, 2018


During their first day at their new apartment, Brittney immediately applied for Meatloaf’s adoption. Five days later, Meatloaf moved in with his new family. Meatloaf’s health has already improved at that time. However, he was still suffering from anxiety, so his new family did everything to help him out.

Sky also helped a lot in Meatloaf’s recovery. He helped him overcome his fears. Now, Meatloaf has become the goofiest pit bull he can be. With his family by his side, he knows there’s nothing that he can’t conquer.

Credit: RAIN- Rescue Animals in Need, Brittney Strugala



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