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Although dogs are cute animals, they too can sometimes be playful and can pull off many funny moments. Several studies in the past showed how dogs could adapt quickly to situations as they are imbued with high intelligence compared to other animals.

Certain breeds like Golden Retrievers are easily trainable and can remember to do things when done daily. Aside from these, dogs can adjust to instances when they know that they are at a disadvantage.

They can also think of ways of doing things beyond one’s imagination like getting food from the refrigerator, turning on the television, and opening a door.


This pooch from Spokane, Washington, however, brought his intelligence to a whole new level as he was able to call the attention of his owners by ringing the doorbell.

Marshall, a three-month-old golden retriever, loves to go on different adventures outside of their home. Due to this, the dog almost always gets caught in a lot of mischievous events in the past.

One night, Marshall seemed bored inside the house, so he decided to escape their home and do some adventure outside. He, however, later realized that he had to go back, only to find out that the door was closed.

Sensing trouble since it is already night outside, the dog tried to go back inside the house to no avail as it was locked. Outside the house, the smart dog taught of solution for him to get inside. He then remembered that there was a doorbell beside the door.

Marshall first attempted to make scratching sound at the entrance to get the attention of his owner. As soon as he realized that he is not doing it right, he went to the doorbell and started pressing it using his nose and paws. All of these events were caught in a surveillance camera positioned near the house’s doorbell.

His owner Greg Basel finally heard the dog’s plea, and Marshall was successful in entering the house safely.


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