If you are a certified dog or animal lover, you undoubtedly have watched several adorable dog videos. Well, let this video featured in this article be added to your playlist. And definitely, you would want to watch it over and over again!

Some dogs might not like taking medicine, bathing, brushing of their teeth, and so on. In such cases, dogs might make a scene, keep on getting away from you, or even throw tantrums.

dachshund, lion, yawn

And when our dogs do have a tantrum, instead of being annoyed or frustrated, sometimes we couldn’t help but even feel somewhat fascinated. Why? Because we would usually expect such behavior from little kids, not animals.

Take the case of Carl’s tantrum as a good example. He is an adorable Pit Bull who dislikes going to the vet clinic. You might imagine him as a toddler not wanting to go to the doctor for fear of injection. However, we always need to consider our dog’s health and well-being first.

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