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After getting bitten by another dog, Nova was put to death row by the animal shelter she was surrendered to. The reason for this abrupt decision on the part of the animal shelter is that the wounds of the dog are severe and untreatable.

Thankfully, though, an animal shelter known as the Love Leo Rescue heard about the dog’s ordeal. When the animal shelter learned that Nova would be euthanized, they decided to rescue the pooch.

When one of the volunteers successfully rescued Nova, she immediately brought the dog to a veterinarian to have Nova’s condition checked. The dog’s face appeared to be swollen because of the dog bite. Even then, Nova seemed happy that she got rescued.


The veterinarian gave Nova IV fluids for anti-bacterial purposes. The dog needed to stay in the clinic for quite a while so that her other issues will be resolved. When her health and wounds improved, Nova was ready to go home.

It was a blessing for the dog that there was a foster home waiting for her. The purpose of the foster home is for the dog to get accustomed to a family before moving to her new one. In her new home, the dog showed her other side. She was a happy and active pooch.

A few weeks into the foster home, though, the dog got sick again. When she was brought to the clinic, Nova got diagnosed with Parvovirus, a deadly virus among dogs.

Due to the virus, Nova’s health declined drastically over her stay in the hospital. Thankfully, though, the dog was a fighter and survived.
Along with her third chance at life, Nova received the good news that she will have a new forever home. Cristina and Chelsea will be Nova’s new parents. The two closely monitored the journey of Nova, and they fell in love with the dog’s story of resurgence.

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