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Truffles has been living in a shelter for years. It is a sad thing for this American pit bull terrier mix.

Truffles was just four years old when she was taken in by the Brookhaven Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in NYC. Valerie Sanks is one of the volunteers there who helps take care of the dog.

It has been three years of caring for the dog. Valerie knows Truffles too well. She says that she sees Truffles as a real angel. She says that just by looking at the dog’s white and black coat and her sweet demeanor, one can easily fall for the animal.


In 2017, after being in the shelter for 3 years, Truffles found a family who would adopt her. She was good with kids. Her new house gave her a good life.

Two years after though, Truffles’ owners didn’t want her anymore so she was brought back to the shelter. It was a sad affair and Valerie was there to welcome her back. She made sure that she gave Truffles a lot of love.

Valerie was happy to be reunited with Truffles but in her heart, she knew that being a senior dog, Truffles may have the least chance of getting adopted. So with the dog’s 10th birthday nearing, Valerie had an idea of how she could get Truffles some love.

Truffles got a hotel suite for a sleepover party. She wore a princess costume and had famous photographer Sophie Gamand for a birthday photoshoot.

Sophie was happy to help and shared photos of Truffles on social media. She even asked people to send Truffles birthday cards. Truffles isn’t into toys and she has a special diet so other gifts may not be good for her.

Sophie’s post became viral and the shelter received more than 500 cards on behalf of Truffles!

Birthday cards are starting to come in !! I went to the shelter today to tell truffles and she was smiling!! She can’t believe so many people near and far care !!

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