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For most of us, we did what was expected of us and graduated from college when we were supposed to. But there are some who did their duty to the country before they can do this.

This is Matthew Walbeck and this is his story.

Matthew is a veteran and his story was broadcast on national news when he finished college at A&M Kingsville. What made his story interesting was that he had Titan with him. Titan is his K9 service dog.


Matthew’s story is quite inspiring. He is an adult and he has gone through a lot in his life. Yet, he has decided to keep on learning and finish college. Thanks to his service dog, Titan, he has been able to do just that.

In the video, you would see the duo walking proudly across the stage. Matthew wore his graduation gown and his cap and Titan had the same garb donned on. Matthew is very proud to be receiving his diploma and he is also very proud that he has Titan to help him get through it all.

Matthew may have finished college later than most but he is happy with his accomplishment. He now is armed with skills and knowledge that he can use to pursue a better future and create a better career. Thanks to Texas A&M Kingsville in Texas, he has been able to do just that.

According to the faculty and staff of the school, they are also very proud to have Matthew and Titan graduate. They were highly applauded and some members of the audience were in tears knowing the number of obstacles the two had to overcome to reach this goal.

Matthew and Titan were both beautiful to look at as they proudly marched to receive Matthew’s diploma. Watch the video and you’d be surprised to see you tearing up and being proud of them as well.

Source: NBC4 WCMH-TV Columbus



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