Before you decide to go and adopt a dog, you will have to ask yourself the question:  am I ready to take the responsibility of having a new member in your household?

The second most important question you will ask yourself: What breed should I get? At this point, you will have to consider a lot of factors into the equation. You have to consider your living space, your budget, the climate, and so many other factors.

If you have a home with a lot of space and you have children, the Border Collie Lab mix would be one of the best breeds that you can add to your loving family. They are incredibly smart, obedient and very affectionate so they would be perfect with your kids.


You have to remember that no matter how much we try to treat dogs as humans; we cannot change how they are. So having kids who might hit or invade your dog’s space would be a cause for concern as animals will instinctively defend themselves when threatened. But having this mixed breed will leave you at ease – they may even behave better than your children!

Let’s see some of the reasons why the Border Collie Lab mix is perfect for you:

They are a mix of two top-class breeds

The Border Collie breed is rated as one of the most intelligent dogs around. They were primarily bred to help shepherds herd sheep so you can also expect them to come with high energy levels. As family pets, they will not be herding your children, but instead, you can expect that they will be vigilant for their safety.

Labrador Retrievers are not too far in comparison. Super intelligent, obedient and loyal, there is a reason why they are one of the most popular family pets around.

They have high levels of energy

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Since they are the product of two high energy breeds, you can expect that they come with high energy as well. The Border Collie obviously has high energy to herd sheep and the Labrador is energetic enough to be employed as police and military dogs.

Your children will have tons of fun with the Border Collie Lab mix especially if you take them to spend time in the park or on the beach. Even at home, you can expect this playful demeanor from them, and they seem to have unlimited energy.

Baths and grooming will be easier

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The Border Collie Lab mix will have minimal shedding. You can expect less cleaning duties for you, and it will be safer for your children. This is good especially for toddlers as they tend to stick objects inside their mouths. You can rest at ease knowing that there will be fewer chances of your child ingesting fur.

They are also known for their swimming prowess so they will cause no problems for you during bath time. This will save you some money as you can give them baths yourself because they love spending time in the water.

They don’t fight with other dogs and animals

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You can expect that this mixed breed will cause no trouble when you bring them to public areas where other dogs might be present. They like other dogs so much that they are expected to play with them well rather than fight with them. You can even bring them to supermarkets or the mall, and you can expect them to be at their best behavior.

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