A new viral photo of dogs is circulating on the internet. The picture shows a group of service dogs sitting inside a theater in Canada. They are all patiently seated while watching the Billy Elliot production.

The group consists of various breeds of dogs which include golden retrievers and a bunch of poodles. They took up four rows inside the theater. The activity aimed to help the dogs practice their adaptability skills.

The service dogs needed to learn how to assist their handlers in a theater atmosphere. According to the owner of K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs, Laura Mackenzie, the dogs should know how to stay with their handler and be able to be of service in different settings.

The theater is a perfect area to practice this skill because dogs are exposed to different lights, various movements, and loud noises. They should be able to learn how to remain calm and relaxed inside the area for hours.

The production featured a relaxed performance which was created solely for people who have autism or for people who need a more serene atmosphere. The place also features other productions which are made for people who have difficulty seeing or hearing.

According to Ann Swerdfager, the spokesperson of Stratford Festival, the service dogs were all well-behaved. They also knew how to leave and return to their seats without any commotion.

Swerdfager mentioned that the cast and other audience members were pleased to see the service dogs. The training can be done inside the theater, and the dogs can visit the area a few times a week. She also mentioned that the training is good because people who need service dogs will not hesitate to visit the theater anymore. They can visit as much as they like as long as they have a trained service pooch on their side.

Thank you to K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs for this amazing feature! Hopefully, more service dogs can experience this type of training in the future.


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