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For most families, dogs are already a vital part of their lives. This is why dogs join their family members in celebrating any milestones. Dogs are also part of the family’s activities, including photoshoots.

This dog named Beatrice is taking the internet by storm due to her hilarious reactions in their Holiday family photoshoot. The family wants to capture a beautiful portrait, but it was the dog who made it even more attractive and funny.

The reason for the photoshoot is for the family to have good pictures to be given away to friends as a holiday greeting. The family decided to bring with them their dog named Beatrice and their house cat. The photographer then assigned their places, and Beatrice was placed at the center.


Unlike the cat who was behaved during the shoot, Beatrice had other plans. The dog kept barking and seemed not impressed with the photoshoot. It was Mari Trancoso who got assigned to do the photoshoot. Trancoso’s usual line of work includes covering weddings and family gatherings. She agreed to do the family’s photoshoot, but she was not aware that there would be animals involved.

The family, though, assured her that the dog and cat are well-mannered. During the shoot, however, this was proven false because of Beatrice’s behavior. Instead of getting upset, Trancoso proceeded with her shoot.

During the post-processing of the photos she took, Trancoso got surprised to see that in every picture, the pooch was making hilarious facial expressions. It was as if the dog was a photobomber.

According to Trancoso, while the dog was restless, she just kept clicking as ordered by the family. So, she did. She added that the dog had different expressions, but all of them are very funny. She showed it to the family, and they too loved the hilarious reactions of their beloved pooch.

This is why I’ll always encourage clients to bring their dog to the session. #weimaranerCheck out my biz page!! By Mari Photography

Posted by Mari Trancoso on Saturday, November 25, 2017

Credits to Mari Trancoso.



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