Breathing difficulty


The lungs can’t expand properly due to the additional fat in the chest. Also, the extra fat in the abdomen will push the diaphragm resulting in less space in the chest cavity for the lungs to expand. Since there are extra tissues everywhere, the limited expansion of the lungs will cause the body to receive less oxygen. This affects all dogs especially those canines that are already suffering from respiratory diseases.

Problems in reproduction

Obese female dogs will have more birth complications than those that have a healthy weight. The medical term for any reproductive issue is dystocia. Dogs with dystocia need veterinary assistance when it’s time for them to give birth.

There is an increased risk of cancer

There is no exact link between obesity and cancer. But studies suggest that obese dogs have a much higher risk of developing cancer than those dogs with normal weight. Furthermore, the most common form of cancer developed in overweight dogs can be found in the urinary bladder.


Your dog’s quality of life is affected


With the conditions listed above, no wonder your dog’s quality of life is greatly decreased. As a responsible dog owner, prevent these medical conditions from happening. Avoid practices that will cause your dog to gain weight. See to it that he is getting the exercise he needs for the health that he deserves.

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