Every one of us has a favorite teacher. No matter how long it’s been, we feel thrilled meeting them again. And it’s exactly the same when it comes to animals.

Like any other service animals, Elijah started his training early on. He was no more than 8 weeks old when he moved to Colorado to begin his journey in becoming a service dog.


Ashley Wilt, one of the volunteer puppy raisers for CCI (Canine Companions for Independence), took Elijah under her care. For almost 2 years, the pup tagged along everywhere his teacher went. And in the process, Elijah learned how to be calm and confident in every situation.

Because of Ashley’s hard work, Elijah went through adulthood with compassion and patience. In no time, Elijah was finally in the last phase of his training.

It is fulfilling to know that Ashley helped Elijah a lot. But it’s also heart-breaking because the time has come for them to say goodbye.

Elijah flew to California for the final phase of his training. And 6 months later, his graduation day finally came. Ashley was incredibly proud of Elijah. The puppy she raised is now ready to help change lives. However, one thing’s missing.

Ashley realized that there’s no better graduation gift than to be with her student on his graduation day. So, she immediately booked a flight to congratulate Elijah personally.

From the very moment Ashley walked into the pup’s graduation ceremony, Elijah was overjoyed. He barely contained his excitement. He jumped up to Ashley and started licking her face.

Being the good student he was, Elijah is an incredibly calm dog, says Ashley. But he clearly lost it after seeing his teacher again. He freaked out as he was reunited with her.

Elijah’s search for a forever home has since ended. He is now with his new dad, Lance Weir who is a reservist veteran of the Marine Corps. Ashley couldn’t be any happier that Elijah is now helping his dad live a better life.

Credits to Ashley Wilt



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