Dogs hold a precious place in our hearts. This is evident in how we go “aww” whenever we see these adorable pooches. There’s just no resisting those wagging tails and derpy fluffs.

While a lot of dogs are blessed with loving families, some of them end up with humans that don’t treat them fairly. These poor canines often get beaten up, neglected, and left on the streets to live as strays.

There are different reasons why these things happen to these dogs. For some, it’s a matter of ending up with humans that love seeing animals suffer. Dogs that are neglected often have a lot to do with having owners that don’t lack the financial capacity to support their daily needs. There are also cases where families neglect dogs because of what they look like.

The cross-eyed Husky

Such is the case of Jubilee, the cross-eyed Husky. Her breeder rejected her because he didn’t like the way she looked. She was turned over to a dog shelter, but volunteers had a hard time looking for a family that would adopt her. Nobody wanted her because of the way she looked.

Caroline Hilliard, a volunteer who used to spend lots of time with Jubilee, wondered why that was so. For her, Jubilee’s personality trumps the way she looks. The dog has a beautiful personality. She’s obedient, sweet, and very loving. Jubilee can be a tad bit shy at times, but she loves receiving hugs and belly rubs from everyone.

The search continues

Determined to help Jubilee find her forever home, Hilliard uploaded her photo online. Interested parties from different parts of the world shared her photo on various social media platforms, putting her on the list of famous dogs online. Her picture has been shared over 32,000 times.

Volunteers at the shelter wanted to make sure that Jubilee would end up with the right family. They required home visits before accepting applications from interested parties. That being the case, those who lived too far from the shelter were automatically eliminated from the list.

Then came the perfect family for Jubilee. What the breeder saw as Jubilee’s imperfections were the very things that made them fall in love with her. After getting the approval from the shelter, they went home with the beautiful Jubilee.

Credits to Husky House



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