Supplements for Your Dog


You may be wondering if your dog needs vitamins, minerals or other supplements. There are many dog versions of health supplements currently on the market. It can be confusing to know what might be right for your dog.

First, please take the time to select a high-quality dog food that is balanced and complete. This will make sure that your dog is receiving all of the nutrition daily that he needs to be strong and healthy.

Specific Health Concerns

If your dog has certain health concerns it may be important to add, or supplement specific things. There are a myriad of vitamins and supplements that are marketed for dogs.


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The best bet if your dog falls into the category of having health concerns, please consult your veterinarian to assist you in finding the best supplements for your pet.

As long as your dog is eating a complete dog food that has all the necessary nutrition, it should not be necessary to add supplements. Too much of any supplement or vitamin can be very harmful. The best case scenario is wasted money worst case scenario can mean harm to your pet.

If you understand your dog’s individual nutrition needs then you will be able to make good decisions about her food choices and whether she needs supplements for health.

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