Acquainting Dogs

Have you ever thought about a dog meet and greet? In order for unknown dogs to have a successful first meeting, there has to be coordination. There are several ways that dog owners can make sure that their pups have a positive interaction. Read on to find out some tips to acquaint dogs to new dogs and people.

Tips to Introduce Your Dog

Just like people, every dog is unique. Some dogs have a more social personality than others. But just like people, dogs can learn how to be more social and get along with other pets and people. Some of the best ways to socialize a dog are:

  • Begin as soon as possible
  • Set up a safe environment
  • Consider it a priority
  • Be mindful for signs that your dog is in distress
  • Be on the lookout for social activities for your dog

how to introduce your dog to other dogs

Even if your dog is older, it’s not too late to teach your dog to be more social. Purina shares a few ideas to get you started:

  • Play games with your dog like “fetch” to teach your dog body language and sharing.
  • Interact with other dogs to help your dog interact appropriately.
  • Observe your dog’s emotional state. (Behaviors like cowering and tail-tucking indicate he’s overwhelmed.)
  • Reward good behavior. Progress deserves praise your dog will recognize.


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