Here at Doggy Times we love the summer! Many people can’t fully enjoy the hot weather because they are afraid of the heat for their pups. There is good news though, your canine can spend time outside if you follow these six easy tips for keeping your dog safe in the heat.


1. Give Your Dog Water

To make sure your dog doesn’t overheat means lots of water. It is easy to keep your dog cool and hydrated by carrying a travel water bowl. One that collapses and is easy to carry is ideal. You will also need to pack bottles of water (try to keep them cold if possible). Offer your dog water each hour. If you notice your dog panting a lot, please get her out of the heat and drinking more water.


2. Water on the Outside

If there are water options where you are going, ie swimming or other activities in the water then it is easy to help your dog stay cool. It’s a good idea to call ahead and see what water options for dogs are available. Bring a couple towels to help your pup dry off after he swims or plays.


3. Avoid Noontime

It’s a good policy to avoid the heat of the day for both you and your dog. The hours of 11am-3pm are when the sun’s heat is the hottest. Avoid exercising during those times. If you do have to go for a walk during these times, take it easy, avoid hot sidewalks that can burn your dog’s paws and bring lots of water for you and your dog!


There are 3 more tips on the next page!


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