After four years of missing their pet, this Michigan family is reunited with their dog.


The 12-year-old dog was found wandering in Toledo, Ohio, by a police officer. The dog, named Bambi had been reported lost in Lansing, Michigan. The owner, Bradley Wieferich, was so happy to hear of the unbelievable news.


Not a Prank


Wieferich, told the local Toledo paper, The Blade, that when he first got the phone call from Lucas County Canine Care & Control that he thought it was a prank phone call. Bambi’s microchip stored Wieferich’s contact information for that call.


Laura Simmons-Wark, the shelter’s Community Outreach Coordinator, said [Bambi] “was very thin, but very sweet.”

Importance of Microchipping Pets

The shelter shared on social media, that although Bambi’s last four years of life wouldn’t be able to be discovered, they credited the family for microchipping her, which helped the reunion happen.


Turn the page to see the photo of this sweet reunion.

Attribution:Maria Pasquini


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